• Come Join the Magic

    Soul Rising Retreat since 2015

    with Valeria Tignini in Pheonecia, New York.


    The upcoming retreat in 2019 will be an intimate and exclusive retreat, with no more than 8 people.
    Now it is your chance to work with me live at a great price.


    October 17th to the 20th, 2019

    Thursday to Sunday


    Come join me on this magical journey in Phoenecia, New York at the Menla Center, just like last year. The signs keep us sending us back to this high vibe place.

    The Menla Center is about 340 acres of untouched land that was hit by an asteroid and there is crystal quartz all over the property making it a high vibrational spot. Last year many of us collected some stones from there bringing forth so much magic for all of us.

    Practical Information
    - Top shelf Vegetarian Food will be provided 3 times a day with Vegan options.
    - Everyone has their own bed.
    - Single beds share a room with one other.
    - Soaps, Towels are provided
    - Transportation is recommended to use your own as it will be limited.

    - Water is filtered from natural spring on the property
    - Some food is grown Organic on site and use for meals.




    NATURE WALKS (depending on weather)


    The Sanctuary Dome is Reserved for us for all 4 days. This room is our room and we use it every day. Last year the attendees asked to sleep there a few nights. It became truly our sanctuary.


  • VAL

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    Valeria Tignini

    Source Energy Worker

    I am a vessel for source energy which I am able to consciously transmit and share. The energy chooses who will partake in it as well as when and where. While, source energy is always everywhere at all times, it arises as different frequencies within space and time. The sessions I hold introduce frequencies to you in such a way that you experience them directly in a profound and transformative way which is different for everyone. I have also acquired High Priestess abilities to work with divine multidimensional beings as an activator and protector, amongst other divine abilities.




    For More Info on Val & her work go to Valsecrets.com & Testimonials


    Soul Rising Retreat Features

    October 17th to the 20th, 2019

    4 Days and 3 Nights


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    Connection to Source Energy

    Experience: Purification + Initiation + Mind, Body, Soul Connection 

    The Sanctuary at the Menla

    Val had sessions in the rented beautiful space called The Sanctuary Room which sits amongst the trees. This is where the group will be connected to Source Energy without meditation in a peaceful quiet space. see www.valsecrets.com for more info on the work


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    Q&A, Group Exercises

    Experience: Mind Blocks Release + Mental Transformation

    The Sanctuary at the Menla

    Val had a group talk with all to bring out each individual's mental blocks. Most of us have patterns and mind blocks of which we do not know. This came through in the group setting as we sat in the field after Val had opened up and connected us to Source. We spent a lot of time in this room.


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    Hiking in Ancient Land

    Experience: Group Trust + Self Exploration + Connection to Earth

    Catskill Mountains

    We had the opportunity to explore the gorgeous grounds of the Catskill Mountains as well as had a social experience with your fellow Soul Rising Retreaters. With a little Earth's magic to guide us in 5D.. NOTE: This will be optional depending on the weather.


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    Bonfire Ceremony

    Experience: Ceremony + Night Stars + Enchantment

    Menla Grounds

    This is when we had a beautiful night enjoying a fire pit, connection to the sky and the earth as well as connecting to our native American totem.


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    Spiritual Shower 

    Experience: Renewal + Earth's Magic 

    Menla Grounds

    This is an ancient ceremonial tradition that can only be done by a High Priestess or Priest. This is for Gaia to protect you from spirits that do not serve you. Many see mermaids in the rivers when they do this ceremony. NOTE: We will be doing a winter indoor spiritual shower instead.


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    Experience: Relaxation + Freedom 

    Menla Grounds + Outskirts

    Some had the opportunity to have "You Time". This is a perfect opportunity to Explore the 360 acres of Property. Some of the Soul Risers experienced; Naps, Spa Treatments, Book Store, Swimming, Short Hikes, Go Into Town. This was also a great time to meditate, write in a journal, do artist works.


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    And so much more....

    Connecting with ETS and Past Lives Recollection.

    Menla Grounds, The Sanctuary

    Through our connection to Source during our sessions, we experienced our past lives visions and also visitation from Sirian in 2015 and Pleiadian in 2016 ET's.



    Testimonials and Interviews From Soul Rising Retreat 2015-2016

    Testimonial from Soul Riser, Aaron Nebbia

    Interview with Alan Steinfeld of New Realities


    "Val's retreat was a huge bang in my life. It lead me from a point of where i was to where I wanted to be. Val's energy is pure love, non jugdemental and enriching. I was able to connect to a part of me that I had lost touch with for some time. The part of me that enjoyed simple pleasures with soul family, i reconnected with souls that i connected with right away. Each person in the retreat was such a needed presence for my transformation as a whole. At some point i needed some time away from the group, and felt at ease in doing that, having my own time to integrate without feeling like the group or Val needed me there. I felt held in the loving energies that Val transmit and still felt part of it all, even if i seperated myself to integrate. Val makes the retreat fun and wild, going with the flow of the group and field. At some point, we went into the woods and experienced 5D life. Everything was beautiful in this state of consciousness in this dimension. Thanks to Val I got to experience this with her, and brothers and sisters. It changed my life ,forever. This retreat, changed my view on how connected we truly are to all things. We experienced bliss, healings and releases and we even had contact with ET beings. The Sirians came to meet all of us at Vals gathering because of the heart energy that Val transmits. I felt tingles in my crown chakra when the beings came, and saw flashing lights so I know it to be truth. Imagine that....a girl that has never experienced something like that, all of a sudden, is connecting with Sirians at Vals retreat. It was the ride of my life this retreat. I would recommend this retreat for everyone that wants to step out of the norm and into a magical life ,that we usually only see in movies. In this retreat, it is possible to live it out!  I got from this retreat a deeper than ever sense of peace and inner knowing. I got from this retreat 4 more soul brothers and sisters. I received from this retreat a beautiful reflection!"


    "I was fortunate to attend Val Tignini's recent Soul Rising Retreat in Catskills.  The retreat delivered on its promise in many unique and surprising ways.  Foremost, it was a shared experience and it was very interesting to see how everyone in the group emerged with common visions and understandings.  We all left refreshed and inspired and with a lot to integrate.  The weekend covered many aspects from the emotional to the metaphysical and back again.  I would recommend attendance to anyone who feels called to go to a future event. "


    "When I decided to go to Val's Retreat, I didn't expect anything else but relaxation. What I experienced was far more than that. I felt very connected with the group, and Val guided us into helping each other conquering our inner fears. It was so heartfelt and there was a lot of healing and crying. We all felt so relieved afterwards, our worries had disappeared like magic. I also experienced for the first time how to get in touch with my Higher Self and it felt and still feels so mesmerizing the whole journey was magical."


    "As soon as I found out about Val’s Soul Rising Retreat 2015, I knew that I somehow had to be there. And I was right! This retreat was definitely a huge contribution to my personal growth and development, a great bonding experience with several beautiful souls, and contained many unforgettable moments. Val has an amazing gift of being able to transmit Source energy to others around her, and I got to experience this energy first-hand at the retreat! While in that state, I was able to dive into the depths of my subconscious mind, work out some mental blocks in myself, and see life from a new and more open perspective. We even had some cool telepathic experiences as a group, where two or more of us would see or experience the same things at the same time. It’s amazing the level of connectivity we’re opened up to when this energy runs through us! Each of the different activities we participated in together over the weekend; source energy sessions, dreamtime sessions, bonfire ceremony, walks in nature, etc.; opened us up to different aspects of ourselves and of our connection as a group. We even had some brief insights into past lives of ours, including our lives in the Sirius star system. And perhaps the pinnacle of the entire weekend was on the last night when we had a totally unexpected “visit” from some of our Sirian friends! While I grew in several ways from this retreat, I think the single biggest lesson I took away from it was that of “surrender”. Due to weather, our originally planned schedule had to be changed around and largely “improvised” from moment to moment, yet somehow everything that weekend fell into place with perfect synchronicity. The level of flow was so incredible, that I realized that if we can let go of just a little bit of that aspect of rigid planning and trying to control everything in our everyday life, and just “listen” to the divine plan with open hearts, we will be led to the right places at the right times. Everyone will take away their own unique pieces of personal development from such events, and I would highly recommend an experience like this retreat to anyone, no matter their walk of life or where they currently are on their life path."

  • MAP IT

    Remote and Private - 350 Acres of untouched land

  • Tuition Options

    4 Days / 3 Nights Thursday to Sunday


    Includes Lodging (featuring organic linens),

    Vegetarian Meals and Retreat Fee


    Single Room Twin Bed $1900 per person

    ( 1 occupant per room with shared bath )


    Shared Room Twin Bed $1500 per person

    (private room and bath)


    * Children are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children under twelve are half-price.






    Cancelation Fees will be applied.


    For those who have attended Soul Rising Retreat in the past will receive a $50 discount.



    $200 deposit which will go towards your tuition.



    Please read*

    • The $200 deposit is non-refundable.
    • The full tuition is non-refundable 30 days before the first day of the retreat begins.
    • 30 days or more from the date of the retreat begins, you will receive 50% of your tuition back or the option of 70% of the money will go towards the next retreat that you can attend.

    Let's talk how we can get you at the "Soul Rising Retreat 2019".

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